Investment Strategies

The investments used to assemble your portfolio will depend on your financial goals, your tax bracket, other investments you own, your current life circumstances, and other changes-anticipated or unforeseen. Your investment strategy will sometimes require modifications to flex with your life. Some areas of focus include:

  • Tax efficient income
  • Tax efficient growth
  • Investment planning to maximize benefits
  • 1031 exchanges
  • AMT considerations with respect to investments and corporate benefits

Kestra IS and Kestra AS do not provide legal or tax advice. Any decisions whether to implement these ideas should be made by the client in consultation with professional financial, tax and legal counsel.

Transitioning into Retirement

One of the biggest life transitions is moving into retirement. Shifting reliance from your paycheck to your pension or retirement savings can be exciting and overwhelming. Ideally, the planning will begin several years before your actual retirement date. We work with our clients to map out exactly where their retirement dollars will come from, how to create income streams from their savings, how to manage their resources tax-efficiently, and hold their hands through the process of organizing their benefits from Social Security, Medicare, pensions, retirement plans, and insurance.

Insurance as a Tool

Insurance is often an overlooked resource in the planning process. Insurance, like investments, needs to be reviewed periodically to ensure policies perform as needed and that the premiums and benefits are still in line with a client’s financial needs. Tax ramifications of insurance benefits are also an important consideration. Putting the right insurance in place enables clients to build and keep wealth.

  • Disability
  • Life
  • Second to Die
  • Long-term Care

Passing Your Assets or Business to the Next Generation

For many clients, one of their financial goals is to create or leave an inheritance for their children and grandchildren. Sometimes this is through gifting while still living, other times as a gift of assets after passing, or a combination of both. In more complex situations it is a family business or operation that must be transitioned. There are many ways to accomplish this. Family dynamics and different needs and personalities might require some creative planning. We enjoy using our planning expertise and product knowledge to accomplish this.

College Planning

College costs are one of the largest expenses facing parents. Like most things in life, the sooner you start talking about a plan the more options you have. We have worked in conjunction with college planners, recruiting consultants and tax advisors to coordinate the financial aid planning and tuition funding for our clients’ children and grandchildren.

Kestra IS and Kestra AS do not provide legal or tax advice. Any decisions whether to implement these ideas should be made by the client in consultation with professional financial, tax and legal counsel.

Retirement Plan Advantages

Retirement plans not only provide a convenient way for employees and business owners to set aside money for retirement, they can provide huge tax benefits for business owners and employees. Retirement plans offer higher deferral and contribution limits than IRAs, and their features can be custom tailored by the employer to promote employee savings, promote employee retention, encourage participation and reward staff with meaningful benefits. For employers with existing plans, new legislation is now holding plans sponsors more accountable for how their plans are set up, maintained, and how funds are evaluated and fees or commissions assessed. There is also an added expectation that the employer take responsibility for providing plan education for the employees, ensure that participants are aware of the benefits of plan participation, and provide resources to help employees make prudent, informed decisions regarding investment of their money in the plan. This heightened scrutiny and accountability for business owners highlights the importance of having a financial advisor who services your plan properly.

Defined Benefit Plans
  • Pension Plans
  • Cash Balance Plans
Defined Contribution Plans
  • Profit Sharing/401(k) Plan
  • SOLO 401(k) Plan
Plan Maintenance, Service & Consulting
  • Annual Fee benchmarking
  • Quarterly fund review
  • Fund lineup
  • Investment committee best practices
  • 404c Compliance
  • Fiduciary services
  • Employee education
  • Plan features and design
  • Proposals & illustrations
Physicians, Groups & Medical Industry

One of our niche areas of expertise is designing and servicing retirement plans for physicians and medical groups. Our team has extensive experience coordinating the retirement benefit plans with the administrative operations of medical practices.

Agricultural Industry

With offices based on the Central Coast and the Central Valley of California, our advisors have worked extensively with farm operations and growers to facilitate retirement plans for their employees. Plans within the agricultural industry have certain needs such as bilingual employee education, the need to run education meetings at multiple locations, and hold sessions at various times throughout the day and during different seasons to accommodate production schedules and harvests.

Buy-Sell Agreements

We work with business owners and their attorneys to structure and design funding mechanisms to protect the financial continuity and ownership structure in the case of death or disability of key people and owners.